Paid Family Leave

New parents in the US are less happy than in any other developed country in the world, and research shows lack of support (lack of paid parental leave, affordable child care, paid sick days, etc.) for new parents is the main culprit.

Paid family leave can combat poverty, give children a healthy start, and lower the wage gap between women and men by providing a structural support system to balance work and family -- but only 13% of Americans have any paid family leave through their employers.

Unpaid leave is a tremendous financial burden that many parents can’t afford -- essentially blocking them from caring for new infants. 40% of families don’t even have access to federally protected unpaid parental leave.

We need 12 weeks of guaranteed and paid family and medical leave so that all parents can take paid time off when they are caring for a new child, for a seriously ill family member, or recovering from their own serious illness.


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