Immigration Reform

Immigrants’ rights are women’s rights. The majority of immigrants in the US are women and children, and millions of immigrant women, who are an integral part of the fabric of our communities, cannot achieve their full potential due to failed immigration policies.

Undocumented immigrant women are concentrated in low-wage jobs and lack access to benefits such as health care, are vulnerable to domestic violence and workplace abuse, and live in fear of being separated from their families.

Our current immigration system is outdated and disproportionately harms women. We need immigration policies that ensure:

  • Relief from detentions and deportations that tear families and communities apart;
  • A pathway to citizenship that facilitates family reunification and recognizes contributions made by immigrant women;
  • Protections for immigrant women workers and survivors of violence and trafficking;
  • Access to healthcare for immigrant women and their families;
  • Promotion of immigrant integration that includes and empowers women.


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