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Health Care Access

Everyone deserves access to quality and affordable healthcare for themselves and their families. No parent should have to worry that if they tend to their child’s health, they won’t be able to afford groceries that week. No one should have to worry that their ‘pre-existing conditions’ will limit or undermine their ability to get the care they need. We stand for health care that supports the needs of everyone, including policies that address the affordability and accessibility barriers that affect women, immigrants, communities of color, LGBT people, and people with disabilities; policies that cover comprehensive maternal and reproductive health care; and full Medicaid expansion in every state.


The fight for voting rights is critical to the advancement of all our issues, and speaks directly to the ability of our communities to be heard and represented fairly. Across the country, voter suppression tactics such as obstacles to registration, cutbacks on early voting, and strict voter identification requirements impede our democratic process and restrict the ability of communities of color, in particular, the right to vote for the elected officials that represent their interests. We support expansion of early voting, same-day and online voter registration; criminal re-enfranchisement; and fair redistricting.


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