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Thank you for taking the pledge

Health Care Access

  • We need access to quality and affordable healthcare for all.
  • No one should have to choose between aging in their home and paying their medical bills. No parent should have to worry that if they tend to their child’s health, then they won’t be able to afford groceries that week.
  • Lack of universal access to healthcare especially impacts care workers and immigrant women who are too often barred from adequate medical benefits.

Reproductive Justice

  • Access to abortion and reproductive health care is an essential part of equality for women and especially women of color.
  • Women of color, low wage, and immigrant women are disproportionately impacted by policies like the Hyde Amendment, which restricts Medicaid funding of abortions, and should be the ones to lead the conversation around the impact and solutions.
  • We must work diligently to remove any obstacle to women’s access to abortion care, to ensure public and private insurance coverage of abortion for all women, and to change the public dialogue on abortion access.
  • We must work diligently to remove the systemic obstacle that women, particularly women of color, face to having equitable outcomes in reproductive health.


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